Correcting a Gummy Smile

The Gummy Smile 

Although beauty is subjective, generally, facial symmetry influences perceived attractiveness. The shape of your teeth and gums help to create that symmetry the creates an appealing smile. Overly thick gums can alter the look of how teeth are shaped, showing more gums than teeth.   

For a wider and more radiant smile, you may want to consider cosmetic periodontal surgery such as esthetic crown lengthening & gum contouring procedures. These procedures can remove excess tissue that is covering teeth, which creates a wider and more symmetrical smile, particularly around your upper incisors.  

Creating a Wider Smile

Periodontists understand the lip-tooth-gum relationship when it comes to improved appearance and can help create a more even-looking smile.  Excessive soft tissue can occur because of tissue overgrowth or even passive eruption of teeth. The way your gums drape over your teeth influences how large or small your teeth look. In other words, your teeth may be larger than they appear because extra gum tissue is covering them. 

If you smile and feel your teeth are ‘too short’ or smile shows ‘too much gums’, periodontal cosmetic surgery can help.

When gums are overgrown or misshaped, it can be reduced using the esthetic crown lengthening procedure. Crown lengthening removes or relocates tissue to improve the new tooth to gum relationship. This procedure can be performed on a single tooth, a few teeth, or even an entire gumline if necessary.  

What to Expect

This procedure is completed in the comfort of our office using local anesthesia. It typically takes about an hour to complete but will vary depending on the number of teeth involved. Following the procedure, you may have mild discomfort and need to follow a soft diet until your follow-up appointment in approximately two weeks. While the gums will heal and you can begin to brush and eat normally after a few weeks, the site will need about 2-3 months to completely show the new appearance.  

If you have a gummy smile or short teeth, you may be a candidate for this cosmetic procedure. You can trust the leading periodontal practice in Central PA to treat you with the care and compassion that you deserve!  Contact us today for a consultation.