Single Tooth Periodontal Laser Therapy

Sometimes patients present with periodontal issues in only one localized area rather than their whole mouth. One efficient and relatively easy way to rid the area of periodontal infection and help correct damage to bone and tissue is by using a dental laser for periodontal therapy.  

Using a laser that is specifically designed to target small periodontal pockets, this therapy reaches the areas that are infecting one tooth or a small area of the mouth. The laser, which is the width of two human hairs, destroys harmful bacteria and removes infected tissue without harming healthy adjacent areas.  

By ridding the infected area of disease, it encourages regrowth of healthy tissue so that the tooth can be saved and so that the infection does worsen and spread to other areas of the mouth, risking multiple tooth loss.

The Laser Therapy Procedure

This procedure is done in our office using local anesthesia like when you have a filling done at your regular dentist. Because the laser is small, it can target infected areas without the need for incisions or sutures, which makes the procedure more comfortable for patients during and afterward.  

After the procedure, you will be given specialized homecare instructions to promote optimal healing. In a few weeks, you will return for a recheck of the site to evaluate healing. This procedure offers the same benefits to traditional localized gum surgery but with less discomfort, swelling, and very minimal bleeding.  

Patient Benefits of Laser Periodontal Therapy

Minimal downtime after laser therapy is one of the main reasons why patients choose this therapy. Patients report only mild discomfort for a few days and are happy with their experience. 

Patients report the following benefit of laser therapy:

  • Reduced pain & sensitivity
  • Less bleeding and swelling
  • Less gum recession
  • Minimal downtime after treatment
  • Less chance of post-op infections
  • Healing that is faster and more comfortable than traditional gum surgery