Periodontal Laser Therapy

Our patients who have moderate to severe periodontitis require surgical treatment to treat their active infection and correct the damage that the gum infection has caused. Periodontal laser therapy can be used on a single tooth or an entire mouth, depending on your level of disease. 

Lasers = No Cut /No Sew 

Periodontal laser therapy is an excellent treatment option because it can be done in-office with minimal discomfort compared to traditional periodontal surgery because there are no incisions and no sutures needed.  

Dr. Fullem accesses infected periodontal pockets using a PerioLase® MVP-7™ dental laser, which is the width of two human hairs.  

This laser provides access to the infected pockets and damaged tissue without any incisions and removes infected tissue. Once the infected tissue is eliminated, roots are cleaned and smoothed using an ultrasonic cleaner to complete scaling & root planing (SRP) therapy. After SRP is completed, the laser is used in the area one more time to create a seal of tissue that will sit tightly at the tooth root.  

Patients can complete laser therapy in the office under local anesthesia. While they may experience a few days of mild discomfort, periodontal laser therapy offers benefits with little downtown versus traditional gum surgery.  

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After a full periodontal examination, Dr. Fullem will discuss your treatment options, which may include periodontal laser therapy.